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We are Overland Park Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Overland Park, KS. 816-533-Wild animals and domestic properties are not generally a good mix, so if you start seeing or hearing signs of animals active in or around your home, then it is important to take action fast. We have a team of telephone advisers who are trained to give initial advice on the steps that you can take to handle an animal issue, and they can also give you an indication of the price for having our technicians deal with your animal problem. We know that the signs of an animal infestation can appear at any time, so we have our animal removal experts available seven days a week. Our technicians are happy to give you a detailed quote before starting work, and while we always look to keep our prices competitive, we also look to deliver a high quality service as well. Our agents start by carrying out a 32-point examination of the property, so they can understand where the vulnerable spots are, and how the animals are getting in and out. Depending on the species, they will then look to use exclusion or trapping methods to remove the animals. We never use poisons – they are simply inhumane and cause far more problems than they solve. Call us now at 816-533-4170 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

About Pest Animal Overland Park and Our Services:

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully Kansas licensed and insured.

Poison-free Overland Park rodent control - rats and mice.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Overland Park bird control services.

Call us any time to discuss your wildlife problem!

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Leawood, Gardner, Mission, Prairie Village, Merriam, Roeland Park, De Soto, Mission Hills, Edgerton, Fairway, Westwood, Westwood Hills, Mission Woods, and more.

Overland Park Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Reasons Why You Should Avoid Animal Repellents

Resolving animal infestation is a long and tedious battle. You will have to identify the Overland Park animal, look for the appropriate solution and conduct repairs. In order to make the entire process more convenient, some people are using repellents. Simple application of these products can allegedly eliminate your wildlife issues. There are also machine deterrents that can apparently create an invisible barrier that will shield your property from the possible damages that they may cause.

Different Types of Repellents and Why They Are Ineffective
In this article, we will discuss the different types of repellents that are currently sold in the market. We will also state the reason why they will not deliver an ultimate resolution to your problem. Hopefully, you will be able to identify the better options with our help.

Spray Repellents
Spray repellents is available in two types; the repellent that contains predator urine and the type that emanates powerful scent. The predator urine will usually be fox or coyote. This will make the animal think that they are not safe in your area due to the threat of the predator. Capsaicin would be another popular base ingredient of the spray repellent. This will release a strong odor that the animal may find unbearable. Unfortunately, it will not be that simple. Spray repellent will dissipate immediately. You will need numerous reapplication which will be impractical. In addition, wild animals are clever and will return to your premises once they realized that there are no predators in your premises.

Repellents that are in granular forms are like the spray repellent. The only difference is that they come in solid form. The granules will slowly dissipate and transform into gas. Compared to the spray repellent, they will last longer, and you will not need to reapply them after a couple of hours. Nonetheless, covering the entire perimeter will appear to be costly and inconvenient. Furthermore, study shows that Overland Park animals can adapt easily to the changes in their environment.

Machine Deterrents
Another renowned deterrent against wild Kansas animals would be ultrasonic devices and lights. Ultrasonic devices will apparently release a sound that is beyond the hearing capacity of a human but within the range of animals. Sadly, according to most studies, ultrasonic devices will be ultra-ineffective. Based on the test, the animals show no response on the sound that it produces. Apart from that, replicating the environment on the laboratory will be difficult if not impossible.

If you are looking for an effective repellent, eviction fluid might work but only on certain species such as raccoon and squirrels. It will only be effective during the nesting season. Once you successfully removed the mother and her babies, it is time to seal the entry holes to prevent them from returning. This will help you avoid similar problems and the recurring infestation. Animal exclusion is a tricky business and should only be handled by people who have the experience and equipment. Hire the service of an animal removal specialist for a better result.