Things that Attract Raccoons

Raccoons are usually depicted for being sneaky, quirky, and crafty. Their mask will remind you of a bandit. Just like a thief, their visit to your house will not be a good thing. With the damages that they may cause combine with the diseases that they can carry, you don’t want to see them anywhere near your property. Knowing the things that can attract them will allow you to find a solution to their infestation.

What Attracts Overland Park Raccoons
It is too simple for the raccoon to invade our property especially if they are highly motivated. Their sharp claws allow them to have a good grip and scale vertical walls and fences. They also have strong teeth that can tear construction materials. When you discover a raccoon in your attic or basement, you are probably wondering what is attracting their attention.

If there is an accessible food source in your yard, the raccoon will keep visiting your property. They will prefer to feed on your ground rather than to hunt for food. Due to the variety of their natural diet, the food source can be the pet food or the bird feeder on your yard or the stuff inside your trashcan. If your birdfeeder keeps on attracting the interest of the raccoon, consider eliminating or moving the birdfeeder. Feed your pet indoors since the strong odor can draw their attention. Invest on a metal trashcan since the scent of the garbage will not stick on metal surfaces.

For those who have a Kansas fish pond or fountain in their house, realize that this can be a water source for the raccoon. Remember that the raccoon has a habit of rinsing their food before they eat them. Apart from that, your pond can also have small fish that they can eat. Surrounding the perimeter of your pond with a standard fence may not work. Electric fence would be a better solution to repel them.

The Dark
The darkness can indeed capture the attention of the raccoon and other critters since it hides them from the predators. You probably noticed that they are usually found in the dark areas of our house such as the chimney, garage, basement, and the attic. Raccoons have amazing eyesight that enables them to see even when in dark places. In addition, their incredible sense of smell will help them trace the source of the odor. By placing some lights in the key areas, you can greatly reduce the presence of the Overland Park raccoons.

There are various remedies that you can use to guarantee that the raccoon will never visit your property. Unfortunately, most of the methods will fail if you do not conduct them properly. In addition, the raccoon can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Some of them are infected and may transmit disease through their bites. To ensure that you will remain safe from the threat of the raccoon, there are professionals who are willing to complete the job. They can treat the root cause of the problem that will help you avoid the same infestation.

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