Will Rats Bite a Sleeping Baby?

While the cases of Overland Park rats bite to humans are actually rare, it does not mean that it can no longer happen to you. Most of the humans that have been victimized by the rat happen while they are sleeping. There are also situations when the victim will not be aware that they have been bitten. The situation will be alarming if it involves a sleeping baby.

How to Determine Rat Bites
Based on the report, about 10% of the incidence involving rat bite is reported to the medical professionals. Perhaps this is because the bite that required medical attention is actually rare. In addition, identifying the rat bite can sometimes be tricky especially if the attack happens while you are sleeping.

Signs and Symptoms
One of the most common symptoms of the rat bite will be pain. There should also be swelling and redness on the area affected. In case of a secondary infection, the wound will sometimes be filled with pus. If you notice this symptom in your baby, they can possibly be bitten by a rat. You need to seek immediate medical attention since you don’t want this to lead to a bacterial infection such as spillary and streptobaccilary rat-bite fever.

If the person is experiencing rash, fever, headache, muscle ache, joint pain, and vomiting, this can be a sign that they have stretobacillary rat-bite fever. The symptoms will start to manifest 3-10 days after the person has been bitten by an infected rat. On the other hand, the spillary rat-bite fever will have symptoms such as swelling and ulcer in the affected area, and a recurring fever. Symptoms will occur 1-3 weeks after being bitten.

Rats in Kansas will not usually be infected by rabies but it is also possible. One the symptoms manifest, the disease may no longer be curable. It is best to seek proper medical attention if you suspect that your baby has been bitten by the rat.

The Rat Bites
The Overland Park rats are armed with large and strong teeth that will retaliate with a bite when they are threatened. They will usually avoid humans but there are still situations when they will bite them while they are sleeping. For instance, in case you did not wash your hand properly after eating, the food scraps in our hand can encourage them to bite us. Remember that their saliva can be infected with different diseases.

The bite of the rat can sometimes be shallow or deep. There are some bites that will appear like a puncture wound. After the bite, bleeding can occur. While the infection with the rat bite is actually uncommon, this should not stop you from visiting your local hospital. It should be properly disinfected and cleaned. There are some vaccines that may be administered such as tetanus and anti-rabies. To avoid this stressful situation, you need to ensure that your house will remain free from rats. You can be certain that your house will be safe for your babies if it is protected from rodents.

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