Do Skunks Give A Warning Before Spraying

During the peak of the skunk’s breeding season, it is not unusual to encounter them in our house. It is also fairly common to receive a report about a dog or cat being skunked. Dealing with the spray of the Kansas skunk can be troublesome and frustrating. It is an oily substance that reacts to water. Therefore, the malodorous scent will become more pronounced if you wet it water. However, you will be surprised to know that the skunk will only spray you or a larger predator as their last resort.

Warning Signs of the Sunk That You Should be Aware Of
The spray of the Overland Park skunk will be stored in the anal gland of the animal. It is also necessary to point out that the skunk will only have limited amount of spray. Therefore, they will really need to consider the use of this defense mechanism. Apart from their spray, they also have sharp claws and teeth that they may use to protect themselves against danger.

Different Warnings
The skunk will give you different warning signs before they released their noxious spray. When they are cornered, they will growl and hiss and hope that they will be able to intimidate their attackers. Giving them enough space to escape will help you avoid the attack of the skunk. In case their intimidation did not work, the skunk will be turning around and thump its feet. Once this happen, be sure to stay more than 20ft away from the animal. Once it raised its tail, this is an indication that the skunk will be releasing its spray. Unless the skunk has been caught by surprised, it will be giving these warning signs.

Unfortunately, our pets will not be as alert as us which makes them a possible victim of the skunk’s spray. Our dogs are territorial creatures and will immediately defend their territory if an unwanted visitor such as skunk stepped inside. Once the skunk sees a perceived threat that is approaching them, they have no option but to defend using their spray.

Giving the Overland Park Skunk Some Warning Signs
You can also reduce the probability of getting sprayed by sending some warning signs to the skunk. According to the experts, skunks can sometimes be beneficial especially with regards to the control of insect infestation. There are some tips that you can use that will help you live harmoniously with this creature.

Before stepping out in your yard (especially at night), you can provide some signs on the skunk that you are coming. This will give them enough time to escape. Creating loud noises can encourage them to leave. Simply by whistling or clapping your hand will encourage them to hide or leave.

Skunks are known for their poor eyesight. If you provide them with some notice that you are coming to your yard, they will gladly leave in advance. Understand that the skunk will hate to encounter human just as how human will hate in encountering the skunks.

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